If you’re like most people who own their own meeting and event planning business, you started working for yourself because you were good at doing your particular “thing”.

As you got more clients you got busier. And maybe you even got enough work to employ other people.

But what you didn’t have was more time to step back and ask yourself key questions such as:

  • “What’s the most efficient and effective way to handle a client enquiry?”
  • “When a booking is made, what steps should be followed to guarantee everyone has a fantastic experience of my business?”
  • “If a complaint is received, what system would ensure each client transforms into a raving fan of my business?”

Would you like fries with that?

Putting aside your opinions about fast food… why do you suppose you can go into any McDonald’s restaurant on the planet and have whatever you order look, smell and taste the same? And be delivered just as quickly?

Smart business owners recognise that well-run businesses rely on efficient systems and processes – not necessarily hiring the most expensive, highly-qualified employees.

You can do both, of course, but in my experience it’s better to sort out your systems and processes first. Otherwise you will simply add to the chaos as more clients, suppliers and team members come on board.

The key to success

Identify the essential tasks in your business and think about your preferred way of completing them. This will include responsibilities like lead generation, marketing and administration… as well as the core services you provide to your clients.

These systems and processes will be developed and refined over time (usually through trial and error!) and come to represent the way you do business.

Formalising the essential systems and processes will allow you to manage and control your business more effectively. They’ll also provide a base from which you can look for ways to perfect the way you work and, as a result, improve efficiency, productivity and profits. Furthermore, your systems and processes will ensure:

  • Team members adopt and implement identified best practice, and know what’s expected of them
  • Clients receive a consistent standard of service
  • Problems are easily identified and solved before they get too serious
  • Important financial deadlines, such as tax payments, are met on time
  • Performance is measured against the targets you originally set for your business

As your meeting and event planning business grows, so does the importance of having effective systems and processes in place. What’s more, when you come to sell up, the value of your business will increase significantly if the buyer can simply step in and effortlessly run things from day one.

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